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Tactical Arma 3 gameplay with no strings attached.

Who we are

Global Conflicts is an Arma community formed by people from different countries with more than 11 years of experience throughout the arma series. Teamwork, tactical play and good fun are our core values. We achieve this by encouraging a culture of mutual improvement and enthusiasm for authentic scenarios in our missions. While our missions have a defined chain-of-command, such is not the same for our community. There are no ranks and e-salutes here — everyone is welcomed to take critical roles and leadership in-game.

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During each gaming session we play a number of missions, or as other communities like to say, “operations”. These missions are all made by members of our community.

Each mission is a handcrafted experience, with beginning and an end, defined objectives, with varying lengths usually 45 minutes to an hour. When a mission is selected, we ask for volunteers to lead the mission — anyone can step up.

In-game we try to do things using realistic procedures without sacrificing our sanity and fun. For example, we don't place markers on the map to indicate enemy positions, we rely on communication. We don't have 3D markers over friendlies, we rely on situational awareness and PID. But we do use the “mini-radar” that shows your squad mates positions, if they are in your field of view.

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We don't have any pre-requisites besides a working microphone and a mature attitude. All we ask is that you follow our SOPs and make friends, not enemies!

No attendence requirements or mandatory training.

Sessions times

Saturday and Sunday
19:00 UTC
In your timezone:
12:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
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Our tools

Custom Launcher

Our custom launcher will download all the mods necessary in a few clicks. It can detect mods that you already have downloaded via Steam Workshop and let you copy them, so you don't need to download them again.
Note: Because we can't afford a digital signature, Windows will warn you when you first run our launcher. You can ignore it.

Mission Framework

We have a robust in-house customizable framework for making missions. With it you can quickly produce high quality scenarios without re-inventing common scripts (e.g. gear or a capture zone).

Mission catalog and voting system

An in-house solution to keep tabs on the hundreds of missions we have. We can track mission testing status and how many times it has been played. Besides that, it allows for members to vote for missions they want to play during sessions and also leave reviews or bug reports for the mission makers.

After Action Review

The AAR system allows us to see a replay of our missions and thus give an opportunity to see what worked and what didn't. With this tool we can analyze and improve our tactics for future missions.

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Join us on Discord and use our launcher to download the mods.
That's all you need to play with us.

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Global Conflicts Logo
Tactical Arma 3 gameplay with no strings attached.
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