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Finns at War

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Mar 18, 2023 12:00 PM
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Finns at War

This event will feature 3 missions. The first two are about the Winter War, in 1939 and the other is about the Continuation War, in 1944. All of them are COTVTs.

Winter war:

Snow Heist 51 players
During a lull of the Soviet advances into the Mannheim line, a newly established Finnish unit is tasked with venturing into soviet lines and capturing as many tanks and weapons as possible.
Broken Line 51 players
With whatever they captured from their previous mission, the same unit will be thrown as a last measure to close a breach made by the Soviet army.

Continuation War:

Radio Polka 59 players
A Soviet HQ unit is found, along with their radio truck. The Finnish forces call upon a squadron of Stukas to bomb their position and follow up with a hasty, but still deliberate attack plan. Meanwhile, the Soviet forces there are scrambling to move their supplies back and fortify the bomb craters left by the Stukas. This battle will be a 2-phase operation, where one will take place at daytime and other at nighttime.

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