Events are large organized sessions with a specific theme. The missions played are made in advance and are more intricate and detailed.
Leadership is usually pre-selected and given time in advance to come up with a plan.
An event takes place in a single day and can last up to 4 hours. People from outside the community are free to join!

Difference of gameplay from regular sessions

The main difference is that on events we are more firm when it comes to standards of gameplay and application of community SOPs. Besides that, we also allow for people to join our events without being a part of our Discord server.

Attending and slotting procedure

Attending an event

There are no mandatory signing up procedure. Anyone is free to just show up on the event and play. However, you can(and should) at least the use the "Sign up" or "Can't make it" buttons in the event details page. This helps us gauge the amount of players that will show up.

Slot reservation

Only Community Members and Guest Groups can reserve slots for events.

Joining as a Visiting Guest Group

If you are part of another community/unit who wants to join in an event, have a liaison join our Discord server so we can communicate. We will manually reserve the slots for your group.


About T-1h before the event time, we will start congregating on TeamSpeak. T-30m is when we will start the slotting process, which will happen like this:

  1. Visiting Guest Groups will be called to connected the server first - in groups of ten, sorted alphabetically. Upon connection they are free to slot on their defined positions.
  2. Community Members with reserved slots will then join the server, following the same scheme.
  3. Community Members without reserved slots will join the server, following the same scheme.
  4. Finally New Guys will be called to fill the remaining slots.

We connect in groups of ten to prevent the server from lagging out. Thanks Bohemia Interactive.

After the slotting phase, we'll proceed to the briefing phase. If the event has an in-game briefing, the commander will give a general WARNO so that everyone is aware of the main objectives and concept of the mission before going in-game. Otherwise the entire briefing will be made on the map screen(before players can control their characters).


To help improve gameplay for future events and sessions, we will run a short debriefing with the leadership(Squad leaders and above) after the event. The debriefing will iterate over the aspects that worked and what did not worked as planned. After the leadership has givent their points, we will open the floor for everybody to give their opinion on the event and the way it was played.

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