Global Conflicts Swifty Repository

Swifty is a tool for sincronizing Arma 3 modpacks. Global Conflicts uses Swifty alongside our custom launcher. Unlike our custom launcher, which is torrent based, Swifty is HTTP based.

It is recommended that you first try using our custom launcher because it's easier to use. However, if you are experiencing problems with it, you are welcomed to use Swifty instead.

Here is a quick guide on how to use it:

  1. Download the Swifty client

  2. Click Add Repository, insert the URL:

  3. Click Import from URL
    Global Conflicts Swifty repository

  4. In the Path, insert the path of your Global Conflicts mods folder. If you used our launcher before it will be inside your Arma 3 installation folder by default. If you never used it, I suggest creating a folder with that name inside your Arma 3 installation folder.

Imporant: If you do not own the S.O.G Prairie Fire CDLC, you must to the following:

  1. Remove the -mod=vn param from your parameters line:

Global Conflicts Swifty repository Configuration

  1. Subscribe to the Compatibility Addon on the Workshop:

  2. Add your !workshop folder to the list of additional search folders (this folder is hidden by default. It is located in your Arma 3 installation folder):

Global Conflicts Swifty repository Configuration

  1. in the settings for the GC Repo, you enable it in the External Addons section:

Global Conflicts Swifty repository Configuration

Click the newly created repository entry named Global Conflicts Swifty Repo
Click the Check Now button if you see it. Global Conflicts Swifty repository

If you encounter any issues remember to get in contact with us on Discord.

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