How to setup your mods

  1. Download the mod launcher here and install it.

  2. Once installed, open Swifty, and in the top left, click Add Repository, and then insert the URL below

  3. Click Import from URL

  4. In the field called path, direct Swifty to where you want to install your mods.
    This can be anywhere, inside or out the Arma directory. Just make sure it's on the same HDD/SSD as your Arma 3.
    Create a folder with a descriptive name, such as "Global Conflicts Mods" in your chosen location and select this folder.

  5. In the top right hand corner, click the little Swifty Cog icon.
    Once opened, you'll see a tab called application, and in here a field called "Arma III Directory", this is the path to your Arma 3 folder.
    By default it's in your "steamapps" folder. You can find it by right clicking your Arma 3 on Steam > Manage > Browse Game Files.

    Increasing the parallel downloads can increase the download speed.
    At this point you're half way to finishing.

If you DO NOT own the S.O.G Prairie Fire DLC, you must do the following:

If you already bought the DLC from Steam, then you can ignore this part.

  1. Download S.O.G Prairie fire compatibility mod from the Steam workshop. Make sure it's fully downloaded.
    Once the mod has downloaded on Steam, you MUST open the vanilla/default Arma 3 launcher from steam atleast one time.
    This is to let the mod validate and finish downloading, which should take a few seconds - You do not need to open the actual game.

  2. Add your !workshop folder to the list of additional search folders. It is located in your Arma 3 installation folder.
    The folder is hidden by default. How to make hidden folders visible
    Once you've shown the hidden folders, return to the Swifty homepage. In the top right of the program, click the Swifty Cog icon, go to "Additonal search folders" and navigate to your !workshop folder in your Arma 3 directory.

  3. Go back to the Swifty homepage, and click the enter image description here Icon below our banner image to go into the settings for our repository Global Conflicts Cog Icon

  4. On the configuration tab, remove the -mod=vn param from your parameters line
    This param would tell the game to use the DLC If you had bought it.

  5. In the repository settings, navigate to the "External addons" tab.
    Find the @S.O.G Prairie fire - Creator DLC combability data for non owners mod and enable it.

This concludes the necessary steps for those who do not own the S.O.G Prairie Fire DLC. The following applies to everyone.

And finally...

Click the Check Now button in the banner if you see it.
Global Conflicts Swifty repository
Swifty will do a check to make sure everything is working correctly. Once this done, the red banner should disappear, and you can click launch at the bottom.

Updates to your modpack are released early in the week. It's advised to follow the announcements channel on our Discord to avoid having to download updates at the last minute.

If you need any help with any of this, feel free to enter in contact with us on Discord

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